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world federation of trade unions




Dear comrades
To: Construction Workers Federation of India
Tursday, November 26, 2009

we have received the letter and the press release of your Organization about the National Strike of Construction Workers in India on 8th December,2009. The World Federation of Trade Unios believes that it is a very important initiative which is associated with the other dynamics strugles and events that your Federation according to its action plan has arleady organized.

We believe that the success, the massive and militant participation of the workers in your branch will help all the workers in India, specially at this time that the working class in the world is oppressed more and more by the capital, by the multinationals and their goverments and it suffers because of the capitalist economic crisis.
The workers in the branch of Construction face very hard the consequences of this crisis.

Your demands are fair. The W.F.T.U. calls for their immediately satisfaction. Our thoughts are with you. We express and declare our deep and sincere Working Solidarity for the National Strike on 8th December, 2009 which will comprise a significant step for the class oriented trade union movement in the world.


40, Zan Moreas street, Athens 11745 GREECE
Tel. +302109214417, +302109236700, Fax +30210 9214517 E-mails :,


MR,Debanjan Djakrabarti, General Secretary
Construction Workers Federation of India
53, Acharjya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road
Calcutta - 700 016, West Bengal
Tel: +9133-2297347
E-mail: ,

Helsinki, 25 November 2009

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The Secretariat of our Trades Union International of Workers in the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries UITBB has been informed of the call for a national strike day on 8th December 2009 launched by your Union -  the Construction Workers Federation of India.

On behalf of our UITBB and millions of affiliated workers around the world we express our full support and solidarity with your Federation, its members and all the workers who will follow your strike call.

We equally share and fully support your demands in 10 points which are vital and legitimate demands for building workers, in particular today when the capitalist crisis hits millions of our brothers and sisters around the world, especially migrant building workers and their families. They are among the most exploited toiling people, often deprived of basic social and democratic rights.

Together with you we demand that decent and well remunerated jobs with rights be created in the construction industry, in particular in the housing sector. In view of shortage of social and affordable housing everywhere, workers of our industries have a noble task – to build housing for their fellow workers, and therefore they must themselves enjoy full social and human rights.

Building workers have always been among the most class conscious part of the working class and therefore we are convinced that your struggle, dear brothers and sisters, will bring about positive results for you and the entire society.

Be reassured of our militant solidarity. Keep us informed of the result of your labour action!

Long live internationalism of the working class!

The UITBB Secretariat







To the
Construction Workers Federation of India
November 30, 2009

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Executive Council of the Cyprus Building, Wood, Mine and General Workers Trade Union, I would like to express our solidarity to your struggles for the benefit of the Construction Workers of India.

I would like also, through your Federation to send our warm, fraternal greetings to the workers and call them to support the national strike on 8th of December 2009.  I strongly believe that struggles can succeed only when working class is strong and united and fight for their demands.

Having knowledge of your 10 point demands, I believe that you, the Construction Workers,  must use the right of the strike and send a strong decisive message  to everyone and especially to the government and to the employers in order to gain better and secure working conditions in our sector and for all workers in general.

We are all aware of the world economic crisis and its consequences. It is our strong demand that special policies and measures must be taken towards the right direction in order to overcome the difficulties and prevent the working class to pay off the mistakes of the capitalistic system.

Dear Comrades,I believe that you have done very good campaign for the success of your strike.

Wishing you all the best,

Fraternally yours,

Michalis Papanikolaou
General Secretary 



Mr. Debanjan Chakraborti,
General Secretary,
Construction Workers Fed., of India, 
53, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, 
Calcutta 700 016, 
December, 2009

Dear Debanjan

National Strike of Construction Workers of India
on 8th December 2009

          I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 26th November, 2009 advising me of a National Strike of Indian construction workers on 8th December, 2009.  The demands put forward by your Federation are of course attuned to our Union’s campaign and aspiration in this country and on behalf of all Construction Workers in Scotland , our Executive Council  member  for  Scotland Mr Michael Farrell and the Scottish regional council.  wish to convey a message of solidarity with the Indian Construction Workers and wish them and your Federation every success in their endeavours.

With every good wish,

Yours sincerely,
Michael Farrell
Executive council member , Scotland


Subject: Solidarity Messsage from Pakistan
All Pakistan Trade Union Federation/ Working Women Organization
14-N, Industrial Area, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan Fax: 92-42-5311194
Tel: 0301-4667633

Dear Comrade Debanjan Chakarbarti
General Secretary
Construction Workers Federation-India

Militant greetings from Pakistan!

On behalf of All Pakistan Trade Union Federation/Working Women
Organization and Progressive Youth Organization, we express our great
solidarity with and fullest support for the nation wide strike of
Construction Workers Federation of India on December 8, 2009.

We the working class of Pakistan are also facing a great sufferings
because of the war and the anti workers labour laws.

We assure you with the core of our hear that your struggle is our struggle
and the Pakistani working class, youth and women are with you.

Longlive workers unity!

Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhary
Secretary General
All Pakistan Trade Union Federation

Rubina Jamil
Working Women Organization

Yasir Gulzar
Progressive Youth Organization


Message of solidarity with the struggling people and workers in Arab countries

Inspired by the heroic and victorious revolt of the Tunisian and Egyptian people, which led to the overthrowing of dictators Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Moubarack, the working people, men and women, young and old, in Arab countries – Bahrein, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, - and also in Iran, have decided to rise for freedom, for employment, for trade union and political rights, for human liberties and dignity, for a society without exploitation of man by man. 
Paying a heavy toll, sacrificing their lives, showing steadfastness and unshakable determination, millions of protesting people have already managed to expel totalitarian governments, which for decades have exploited , oppressed and tortured their own citizens with the open military, economic and political support of the United States respective administrations, of the European Union, of multinationals and international financial and banking institutions, all at the service of global capitalism.
Despite the enormous wealth produced by the working people of these countries, unemployment, lack of housing and health care, uncontrolled price hike on basic commodities, in particular food, etc. have continued to plague the vast majority of the population and millions of young people have not been able to find a job, many of them forced to emigrate in search of a living for themselves and their families. This horrendous injustice has continued for decades under the silent and complacent eyes of the Western ruling class and their corrupted politicians.
Time has come for the people of the Middle-east region to defeat the imperialist plans of a so-called New Middle-East, to expel foreign militaries from their territories, to demand and obtain the liberation of all Arab territories and to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital city.
The Trades Union International of Workers in the Construction, Wood and Building Materials Industries UITBB, member organization of the World Federation of Trade Unions, expresses on behalf of millions of workers militant solidarity with the heroic struggles and aspirations of the workers and people in the Arab world.
The UITBB condemns the massive killing of demonstrators and the violence used against them to suffocate the popular rebellion.
The UITBB calls upon building and wood workers around the world to express their support and solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the Arab countries, to be in the first lines of the international solidarity movement that is building up around the world. The working people in Arab countries need international solidarity in their noble fight for radical change. Their fight for jobs and justice, for freedom and democracy is part of the struggle of the global working class for a new world without exploitation.
We wish the people of the Arab World all success in their struggles to get rid of imperialism's puppet governments.     

Debanjan Chakrabarti                Antonio Lopes
UITBB General Secretary            UITBB  President


UITBB Message of support to the Tunisian people fighting for a radical change in their country

The UITBB greets the workers in Tunisia, the trade union movement, youth and all men and women who by their heroic resistance, their determination and their desire for freedom, justice, employment and decent living conditions overthrew the dictatorial regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who for decades has exploited and brutally oppressed the people of Tunisia, with the support and complicity of the forces of capital, of the United States of America and of the European Union.

The Tunisian people stated loudly their clear rejection of unemployment, of massive layoffs, of poverty and social exclusion. They have paid by dozens of dead their aspiration for freedom, civil rights, and democracy. 

The UITBB expresses solidarity with the working people and the labor movement and supports their demands for total eradication of the corrupt institutions linked to the dictatorship, their demand for democracy and freedom, that will serve the people’s needs and not the interests of the ruling class.

The UITBB supports the claim that the dictator Ben Ali be put in the hands of justice to be tried for crimes committed against the people of Tunisia. 

The Tunisian people will decide on the development of their country without foreign interference. The UITBB on behalf of millions of affiliated construction and wood workers reaffirm their solidarity with the trade unions and the progressive movement and their aspiration for a better future made of justice, freedom and social progress.

UITBB Secretariat.

Comrade Yannis Pasoulas Friday,                                              June 24, 2011
Federation of Construction Workers and Allied Trades,
Zinonos Street – 7-9,
10431 Athens,

Dear Comrade,

Sub : Solidarity Message from Indian Brothers

We have seen in our daily news papers and television channels that the toiling mass of Greeceare on the streets to protest Fund-Bank policies which leads to a deep economic crisis in Greece.

We the millions of construction workers of India are with your just struggles.

Further, we came to know that after a long battle and one day national strike you are going observe another 2 days National strike to protest against the Government of Greece attempt to curve labour movement and move on with the Fund-Bank policies.

On behalf of millions of construction workers of India loudly express our voice of solidarity with your struggle and strike action against the anti-labour, anti-people policies of the Government of Greece.

We hope, through your continuous struggle you will be able to bend the Government of Greece to accept the proposals of the struggling people.

Comrade, we are on the same boat brother. We will win the battle together.

With warm greetings,

Comradely yours

(Debanjan Chakrabarti)
General Secretary

Click to show the .pdf file


Syria under Imperialist siege stand by to the struggling Syrian people

US imperialist since 1949 has made a target to put Syria under US foothold. But US could not succeed. Civilian Rule  in Syria started in 1955. Since then Syrian Nationalist never bowed down before the pressure of US imperialism.

War monger US imperialism always tried their best to set up groups of people, armed them, financially help them and channelize them to create internal political instability so that US and its stooge Israel can take the control of Oil & Gas rich Syria to have political and military control in the middle east.

The American have set up a front organization – ‘THE SYRIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL ‘ (SNC) – that purports to speak for the Syrian people. But this organization manipulated the border and terror incidents to put the blame on the Syrian Government. Americans planes have moved with fighters and arms from neighboring countries to be trained in Turkey.

Recently terrorist armed groups siege Adra Labour City in Damascus countryside where more than 100 thousand Syrian workers live for the last 30 days. We condemn this terrorist activities and demand for immediate stoppage of all sorts of disruptive activities of imperialist forces.

Under this situation we the millions of construction workers of the world convey our fullest support to the struggling toiling people of Syria to keep their political and economic sovereignty by defeating imperialist forces.

UITBB demands immediate stoppage of all sorts of criminal activities and terrorism initiated by imperialist forces within Syria.

We demand proper implementation of international Laws, Rules, Convention to safeguard sovereignty of Syria.

Comradely yours
Debanjan Chakrabarti
General Secretary


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