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Other Messages  

28th June,2014 at Moulivakkam in Chennai, a 11 storey underConstruction building got collapsed.

Date : 03.07.2014

3rd July,2014Construction workers Federation Of India (CWFI) expresses its deep concern about the death of construction workers in Chennai, Capital Of Tamil Nadu. On 28th June,2014 at Moulivakkam in Chennai, a 11 storey  under Construction building got collapsed. According to, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mrs. Jayalaithaa 72 Construction Workers were Trapped under the Debris.Till Date, the Death toll has touched 55.CWFI deeply mourns the death of the workers. Initial probe reveals that the Madurai Based Developer company ‘ prime Sristi’  has not adhered to approved plans. There were gigantic flaws in that construction. The Migrant Construction workers mostly belong from Andhra Pradesh and Odissa. Tamil Nadu Government already set a one man probe commission headed by an ex-judge. The Police have detained six people including the promoters and developers. CWFI observes that is not enough. CWFI strongly demands that Tamil Nadu Government must provide Ex-gratia of Rs. 10lac to the families of dead workers and Rs. 1 lac to the families of injured workers. CWFI also demand a CID enquiry to the incident. The incident is really an eye opener, CWFI demands Government should implement strictly the regulations and Safety norms for the Real Estate and developer companies thus the Migrant Construction workers should not bear the brunt of the menace.

(Debanjan Chakrabarti)
General Secretary


Subject: condolences from DRC

Comrade Debanjan,
This is a message of condolences from DRCongo:

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the workers who died in this accident.
Nous présentons nos condoléances aux familles de nos camarades morts accidentelement.



Subject: Re: reaction from Quim Boix WFTU vice-president

Comrade Debanjan,
As promised yesterday I have sent your statement to all our addresses in 3 languages.
We have received this message from QUIM Boix, WFTU vice-president from Spain. He has forwarded the message to all his addresses in Spain.

I have translated his comment for you into English.
Rino Gelmi
I transfer the information I just received from India, distributed from Finland (headquarters of Building TUI of  theWFTU). 
The dissemination of information (another case of MURDER OF WORKERS, at the present stage of slavery represented by capitalism) is already a first act of solidarity. 
The bourgeois media inform us of weddings and divorces of  "famous people" (made ​​famous by the mediacontrolled by the bourgeoisie, to distract from the real issues gossip) but they are mute on accidents like this. 
Fighting accidents is one of the major objectives of the WFTU. 
We express our solidarity and our clear position alongside the working class (proletarian internationalism)disseminating this information and sending our solidarity. 
Receive a proletarian internationalist greeting.
Salud, compañeros.
Os traslado la información que acabo de recibir de la India, distribuida desde Finlandia (sede de la UIS, Unión Internacional de Sindicatos, de la Construcción de la FSM).
La difusión de las informaciones (otro caso de ASESINATOS DE TRABAJADORES, en la etapa actual de esclavitud que representa el capitalismo) ya es un primer acto de solidaridad.
Los medios burgueses nos informan de bodas y divorcios de “famosos” (hechos famosos por los mismos mentideros controlados por la burguesía, para distraer de los verdaderos problemas) pero silencian accidentes laborales como éste.
La lucha contra los accidentes laborales es uno de los grandes objetivos de la FSM.
Expresemos nuestra solidaridad y nuestra clara posición al lado de la clase obrera (internacionalismo proletario) difundiendo esta información y mandando posicionamientos de solidaridad.
Recibid un saludo proletario e internacionalista.
Quim Boix
Consejo Presidencial de la FSM
Secretario General de la UIS (Unión Internacional de Sindicatos)
de Pensionistas y Jubilados (PyJ) de la FSM


Subject: Condolences message from VNUBW

Dear Comrades

4/7/2014 VNUBW received the message of: On 28th June, 2014 at Moulivakkam in Chennai, a 11 storey building under construction collapsed. According to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mrs. Jayalaithaa, 72 construction workers were trapped under the debris. Till date, the death toll has reached 55

On behalf of all staff, members and employees of VNUBW, I would like to send to the Comrade General Secretary CWFI condolences and expressed profound grief infinite to building workers' families were killed in accidents and hope the families of the victims will overcome this tragic loss to stabilize their life

In Solidarity


Nguyen Van Binh
President of VNUBW


Subject: condolences from Cameroon

Comrade Debanjan,

We received this message of condolences from Njifon Philippe addressed to

Dear Comrades,
We express to you our deepest condolences on behalf of our Federation
of workers in decentralised municipal entities from Cameroon and we
support the demands of the CWFI for full compensation of the relatives
of the victims.

Once again, please accept our most sincere condolences.
Njifon Philippe


NJIFON Philippe
Secrétaire UITBB-afrique
Président national de la FENTEDCAM
TEL 00237 99815381


40 construction workers from Punjab are held hostage in the Mosul City, Northern Iraq

Smt. Sushma Swaraj
Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs
NEW DELHI-110021

Dear Madam Minister,

The Trades Union International of Workers in the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries UITBB, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, has been informed of the abduction of 40 Indian Construction Workers of Tariq Noor Al Huda, a Bagdad based Construction Company.

Your ministry’s spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin confirmed the news on 18th June 2014.

According to Ministry of External Affairs the 40 construction workers from Punjab are held hostage in the Mosul City, Northern Iraq.

Also, Your Ministry confirmed that the Islamist Insurgent group “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)” claimed the responsibility for this brutal action.

On behalf of millions of building and wood workers on all continents we express our deep concern for the safety of the workers.

We strongly appeal to you Government to undertake all necessary measures to ensure the earliest possible liberation of the abducted construction workers.

Equally, we believe that the Government of India and Indian Embassy in Iraq should as a priority matter look after the safety other 10,000 Indian citizens working in war torn Iraq.

We should be grateful to you for informing us of the actions, which you will take in this respect.

Yours faithfully

Debanjan Chakrabarti
General Secretary

Antonio Lopes




Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, witnessed a mammoth rally of workers and peasants on 26th February,2017. The rally was sponsored jointly by Assam State Committee of CITU and AIKS against the anti-worker and anti-peasant policies and the politics of communal divide pursued by the BJP led governments both at the Centre and the State. In the State of Assam soon after coming to power the BJP government unleashed a massive eviction drive of the peasantry and other sections of the working people from the Khas land, railway land, VGR, PGR etc. Without making any alternative arrangements for their rehabilitation. Thousands of families have been evicted and several thousands have been served notices for eviction. What is more atrocious is that in carrying out this eviction- drive the BJP government particularly targetted the religious minorities. The rally demanded immediate halt to such eviction drive and adequate compensation to as well as proper rehabilitation of all those evicted. The rally also raised several other demands that included a minimum wage of Rs. 18000 per month, recognition of scheme workers belonging to ICDS, Mid Day Meal, ASHA etc. as worker and payment of wage to them instead of honorarium, halt to so called ‘Labour reforms’ that envisage changing of labour laws in favour of the owners, immediate halt to the process of privatization and disinvestment of PSUs, remunerative price to the peasants for agri produce, permanent solution of the problem of flood and erosion in Assam, massive irrigation, adequate job creation under MGNREGA, expeditious updation of Nation Register of Citizens with 24th March,1971 as the cut off year for solution of the vexed problem of foreign nationals etc.

More than twenty thousand workers and peasants from different corners of the State joined the rally. The spacious bank of river Brahmaputra, the venue of the rally, turned into a sea of humanity with thousands of red flag with hammer and sickle emblem flying high. It was an inspiring display of fighting unity of the working class and peasanty irrespective of religion, language, caste, and ethnicity at a time when the ruling party and the communal forces patronized by it have been working overtime to divide the people of the State on communal lines. The rally demonstrated once again that it is only the struggling bond of workers and peasants organized under the Red Flag can act as a bulwark against the politics of communal divide indulged in by the present regime. Addressing the huge rally Ashok Dhawale, the all India Vice-President of AIKS lambasted the anti-peasant and anti-worker policies of the BJP governments at the Centre and the State and said that the ‘Achhe Din’ (good days) promised by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP turned out to be a nightmare for the workers, peasants and all sections of the toiling people. Good days came only for the big corporates and landlords. He deplored the fact that the peasantry in Assam were forced to distress sale of paddy at less than rupees nine hundred a quintal, much below the cost of production. He pointed out that at the time of last Lok Sabha election BJP in its election manifesto promised that after coming to power it would fix the MSP for agri produce by adding fifty percent to the cost of production. But on assuming power the BJP government shamelessly betrayed the peasantry. The government on the other hand had been trying to snatch the land of the peasantry without their consent for the interests of the big corporates, he said and referred to the successful resistance movement of the peasantry under the banner of AIKS in Maharastra against such acquisition of land for SEZ of Mukesh Ambani. He called for militant resistance against such move of the government.He also depored the fact that even after seventy years after Independence only five percent of arable land in Assam is irrigated.What the previous Congress regime did and what the present BJP dispension is doing in this respect, he asked. Criticizing the policy of demonitisation of the Modi government he said that it could not make even a scratch on the real owners of black money, but devastated the economy. It took away jobs of lakhs and lakhs of workers and affected the agri sector in a big way. He said that today two main producing classes of our society, peasantry and workers, are under severe attack and called for unity and united struggles of workers and peasants which alone can resist these policies and bring about a pro-people alternative policy framework. He pointed out that the LF government in Tripura and LDF government in Kerala have been pursuing such alternative policies. Cautioning the rally against the machinations of the ruling BJP and its parent organisation RSS to divide the people on communal lines and distracting their attention from the basic issues of lives and livings ,Dhawale said that the RSS, like Muslim League sided with British imperialists during our freedom struggle and today it has been sermoning everybody on nationalism and patriotism. He called for relentless ideological and organisational struggle against communal forces of all hues.

Jiaul Alam, General Secretary, All India Plantation workers Federation and a veteran leader of CITU while addressing the rally as an appointed speaker also sharply criticised the anti-people and anti-worker-peasant policies of the BJP governments at the Centre and the State. He pointed out how in the name of socalled ‘Labour Reforms’ the working class is sought to be turned into slave labour by the present regime. Trade union and democratic rights realised through exacting struggles are now under severe attack. He said that concessions galore were provided to the big corporate houses and foreign MNCs while back- breaking burdens were being imposed on the workers, peasants and all sections of the common people. The present regime under Narendra Modi has been pursuing more aggressively the same old neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the previous UPA government led by the Congress. Hence the lives and livings of workers and peasantry have been subjected to multipronged onslanghts, Alam pointed out. He deplored that the present regime refused to recognize about one crore scheme workers as workers and reduced the State spending on welfare schemes like ICDS, Mid Day Meal programme, ASHA etc. The demonetisation policy of Modi government played havoc with the economy and the lives of the common working people. It took away jobs of several lakhs of workers, he said. Alam called upon the rally to build up and intensify the united struggles of the workers and peasantry to reverse the neo-liberal economic policy and to usher in a pro-worker, pro-peasant alternative policy framework which alone can save the country’s economy.. He also cautioned the rally against the politics of communal divide pursued by the BJP-RSS which also feeds on the minority communalism and poses a serious challenge not only to the unity of toilers but also to the unity and integrity of the Country. Hemen Das, a veteran leader of the peasant movement in Assam, Deben Bhattacharjee and Tapan Sarma, Vice-President and General Secretary of the CITU Assam State Committee respectively also addressed the rally.

Earlier Tiken Das, Secretary Assam State Kisan Sabha explained the objectives of the rally while Satanjib Das, President of the Reception Committee of the rally gave his address of welcome.

The rally in a resolution also extended its wholehearted support to the Bank Strike on 28th February called by UFBU.
                A presidium consisting of Fazlur Rahman (AIKS), Asit Dutta and Smt. Niroda Kakati (CITU) presided over the rally

The Editor
Favour of publication
                                                                                                Satanjib Das                                                      
CITU Assam State Committee  

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