The CWFI was founded in 1989, now represents many Trade Union Organisations in 36 Indian States, plus 12 Industry-based Federations. more...
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The CWFI—a democratic and mass-based organisation for class struggle — focusses its concern and its action on the unity of all construction workers, the united action of all other central trade unions' working in construction industry as being the most effective means of ensuring the triumph of the workers' aspirations.

I Name
The name of the organisation shall be "Construction Workers Federation of India" (to be designed in abbreviated form as `CWFI').

II Flag
The flag of the CWFI will be red in colour with hammer and sickle in centre in white colour, with the letters CWFI vertically on the right.

III Head Office
The head office of the CWFI shall be at "Sramik Bhaban", 52, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata-700 016. In case of change in address of the H.O., the same can be decided by the working committee.

IV Objective
1. The CWFI proclaims its prime objective to be the emancipation of the construction workers from the exploitation by their employers by means of— the struggle against capitalist exploitation and for obtaining and guaranteeing living and working conditions for all construction workers which would allow them the widest possible benefits from the fruits of their labour;

2. The right to work for all construction workers and the guarantee of this right;

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