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In the meantime, on Jul' 13, 1983, Com. Samar Mukherjee moved in Lok Sabha a private member's amendment Bill to Contract Labour Act providing for improvement in the conditions of the contract workers with a view to securing the welfare of such workmen and proper functioning of the Central and States Advisory Boards.

This first all India convention, participated by 75 comrades from 11 States, noted various problems of the construction workers and reviewed their struggles. The struggles of the workers of Metro Rail Project, West Bengal, Godavari Project in Andhra Pradesh, APS and Mukheria Hydel. Projects and

Thien Dam Project in Punjab, Salem Steel Plant and BSL- Project in Himachal Pradesh, Maneri Valley Project in U.P. were highlighted. The workers of Thin Dam Project had organised a 83-day strike facing brutal repression. The struggles of the workers of HCC, HSCL, NPCC, NBCC, and other private and public companies were also highlighted by various speakers.

Hailing the valient struggles of the construction workers, the Convention raised the demand of security of service as per ILO recommendations, abolition of contract and sub-contract system, a separate comprehensive law for protecting the interests of the construction workers and National Wage Committee for them and an end to all victimisation and exploitation.

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This meeting of unions from the Asia/Pacific region consisting of delegates from India, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Vietnam.    more...
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